Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning the Positive Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Utah Health Insurance

There is a lot of conflicting information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Many people have heard negative things about what it does, what it could do, and even some things it doesn’t even do. While the ACA may have some effects on your Utah health insurance, it’s not a bad thing.

Two really important changes with the Affordable Care Act are providing subsidies to qualified people for the purchase of health insurance in Utah and guaranteed issue so that no matter if there are pre-existing health conditions you have access to healthcare insurance.  Premium subsidies will be available for individuals and families, who may not be able to fully afford health insurance in Utah. You can learn more about the ACA and how it will affect you on our website, www.archeshealth.org.

Many Utah health insurance companies and brokers are pushing their customers to immediately renew or buy old plans of health insurance, so they can keep their commission on the old plans in place. We believe it is smart to wait until October to evaluate all the Utah health plans, so you can benefit from the positives benefits of the ACA and the subsidies and that will be offered on the Marketplace Exchange. To check out how the subsidies are being structured, you can see your own benefits on this webpage, http://laborcenter.berkeley.edu/healthpolicy/calculator/index.shtml.
When looking to purchase or renew your Utah healthcare medical insurance, it is always a great idea to do your research and protect your rights, especially with the changes that are occurring in health care. Affordable Utah health insurance is available, and the ACA can help make sure you and your family have access to affordable options.

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