Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eye-Opening Lessons from Arches ‘Ask the ACA Experts’ Telethon on KUTV Channel 2

Last Tuesday Arches held an-all day ‘Ask the Experts’ telethon on KUTV Channel 2 giving the public a chance to ask questions about the Affordable Care Act. The all-day event offers important lessons on the public’s need for help navigating their choices on the new marketplace for insurance…
arches channel 2
- The Utah public may not be ready for October 1, when enrollment is open on the new marketplace.
- The key to engaging the young immortals may be their parents and grandparents.
- Seniors are scared about changes to Medicare, though they have no reason to be.
- As a community, we need to have something coherent to say to the many Utahns who would qualify for the Medicaid expansion if state leaders choose to opt in. For now, Arches would suggest these individuals connect with policy groups working on this issue like Utah Health Policy Project
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